пятница, 17 октября 2014 г.

Magic artworks

Hello my dear followers and friends! Today I post my favorite stuff, thing that I love to create the most - watercolor paintings.

My love to aquarelle began when I was taking classes of drawing. My teacher was a master of transparent, soft watercolor technique. When I was watching how he creates his paintings, it seames to me that he was a magician. I got from him a great technigue of soft wet watercolor painting. I using it now everytime I create new artwork. I have my own watercolor style. Sometimes I keep pure aquarelle paints, sometimes I add another tools such as black pencil or pen, color pencils to make image look more vibrant and bright. Here you can see also some paintings where I used gouache and experimented with colored paper.

If you like some artworks visit my art shop: Magic watercolors
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