воскресенье, 31 августа 2014 г.

From what started my black and white graphic style?

It started very long time ago and who do you think inspire me? MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

Black and white graphic style was born when I found one very rare photo from Michael's live concert. My drawings is a copy from that image. But it doesnt looks like a copy, yes it looks like realistic, but artwork has its charm and creativeness. My art style formed occasionally, but soon I saw an interesting perspective and continue develope sketches and artworks keeping it in one format. My first drawing was made in 1998 year. It is tooooo long ago :) Idea for my next work in black and white lines came up to me during listening music of Seal. He really inspired me that day. I clearly saw a picture in my mind: his face and flying dove match together. It was like a spark. Results you can see here below text. This time I dream about to create series. I'm still wondering what it will be. One day very soon you will see it!

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