четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

My sketch expression from Seal show in Kiev 2013

It is about a year now from that moment when I was at the show of singer Seal in Kiev. I would like to share with you my impressions.

But before I do that I will say that I will remember that short moment for very long time. Seal is real professional and talent. His energy very hard to describe in simple words. He has so huge spirit and vibrations, so I didnt simply listen to music, I was under magic vibes. Seal has very unique style of performing and skills to turn on audience. He is very honest, confident, strong and keeps you in tone during all the show. He doesnt need fantastic costumes, dancers or decorations. He was only himself alone with his big soul. You easily can find photo shoots from Kiev's show in internet. I thought about to take a camera with me too, but then decided simply to plunge into atmosphere and enjoy performance. For me is the best way of expressing is to create sketches. Below I express back to him my art.
Seal show in Kiev Ukraine 2013

Seal show in Kiev Ukraine 2013

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