четверг, 14 августа 2014 г.

When started my love for sketching?

My love for sketching started long time ago when I only begun study art knowledge. I'm very thankful to my lovely teacher that time he showed me the skill of sketching.

When I passed some practice with time I begun created sketches very quickly, sometimes it took only several seconds and I was using only several lines. Result was amazing! I fell in love with sketch art! Now, when I'm looking through lots of little pieces of paper they seam like photos from the past. I remember every moment, people, situations, feelings, emotions that was sealed....So now I want to share with you with that bright moments! More sketches you can find here:http://www.innavinchenko.com/#!slideshow/c1ver
My teacher of ukrainian language

My mom is thinking...

My mom is working

A portrait of my father
A figure of my father

On the beach

On the beach series

Portrait of a woman in a bus

My sister Iren

My mom's friend visit

School times

School times

School times - one of my favorite sketches

My nearest friend Tatyana

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